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We all know that Aptoide works like a Google play store. And today it is called paly store option. This application runs on the device operating system. It is also used on ios as well as pc. If you download the Aptoide app, you will see that there is not a unique and integrated store instead, where all the apps and applications are given for free. Each user can each manage their own store. This app is a very useful app for android users. You can download it directly from it. Aptoide APK Aptoide APK is a cow for smartphones and tablets that provides you all kinds of apps. Such as Aptoide TV, Aptoide game, etc. This kids' device downloads the most Aptoide when anyone thinks of the option of Google play store. Aptoide is a great option for Android users to download multiple applications. You get it completely free. Which you can use in any country. This is a free apk. It was launched on 17 November 2009. Today there are many types of apps and application inside it, which we